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A unique Czech-German project, the aim of which is to map not only barrier-free points, but entire accessible routes – that's Disway Trails. Visit interesting places whether you are a person with special needs, a senior citizen, a parent with a stroller or simply want to enjoy a comfortable holiday without unexpected surprises. All mapped routes can be found in our mobile app.

  1. Děčín Walking Circuit Vlajka země: cz
  2. Jablonné Basilica – Lemberk Vlajka země: cz
  3. Krompach – Hochwald Vlajka země: cz Vlajka země: de
  4. Tripoint Vlajka země: cz Vlajka země: de Vlajka země: pl
  5. Source of the Elbe in the Giant Mountains Vlajka země: cz
  6. Zittau „Natur“ Vlajka země: de
  7. Herrnhut Vlajka země: de
  8. Großschönau Vlajka země: de
  9. Bautzen Vlajka země: de
  10. Jonsdorf Vlajka země: de
  11. Sohland Vlajka země: de
  12. Harrachov without barriers Vlajka země: cz
  13. Zittau „Kultur“ Vlajka země: de
  14. Jablonec – Liberec Vlajka země: cz
  15. Kyjov valley Vlajka země: cz
  16. Děčín – Bad Schandau – Königstein by car Vlajka země: cz Vlajka země: de
  17. Děčín – Bad Schandau Vlajka země: cz Vlajka země: de
  18. Cycle path through the Elbe Canyon Vlajka země: cz Vlajka země: de
  19. Route through Krasnolipsko Vlajka země: cz
  20. Debř forest park Vlajka země: cz
  21. OC Forum – Větruše – OC Forum Vlajka země: cz
  22. Tour of Großhennersdorf village centre Vlajka země: de
  23. Round trip at Bertsdorf railway station Vlajka země: de
  24. Round trip at Querxenland Seifhennersdorf Vlajka země: de
  25. The small circuit of Lidice Vlajka země: cz
  26. Lidice – circuit through Pietní territory Vlajka země: cz
  27. Zelčín – Mělník Vlajka země: cz
  28. Mělník – Zelčín Vlajka země: cz
  29. Nymburk - Poděbrady - Slavníkovské hradiště and back Vlajka země: cz
  30. Štěpánka Forest Park Vlajka země: cz

So far we have mapped the following trails in detail

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We started in the Euroregion Nisa, the western Krkonoše Mountains and the Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland, but we also like to explore other natural and cultural sights or interesting places.

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Barrier-free, truly proven trails Available in Czech, German, English.

The idea for a project of mapped routes, i.e. not just points, was born in the minds of the members of the Association for the Support of Travel for the Handicapped in September 2017. Given the experience of running the Disway.org web project, it didn't take long for us to get to work together with our German partners. The project was supported by the European Fund for Regional Development and the Cooperation Program Czech Republic – Free State of Saxony.

However, just before the creation of Disway Trails, an unexpected, sad event occurred. An enthusiastic wheelchair traveler, founder and programmer of the Disway.org project Jirka Maule, has left us forever. Despite the fate, the members of the association got together and decided to complete the project no matter what. Also for Jirka, his closest, but above all for all disabled travelers.

Walk Disway!

In our opinion, it's more like Go Disway… In the description of the route, you will find the basic characteristics of the trip and the reasons to go on it. And also physical difficulty, which is divided into 4 degrees:

A Easy (Green)
B Moderately demanding (yellow)
C Challenging (Orange)
D Extremely Challenging (Red)

Detailed information and precisely measured data can then be found in the details of each point of interest on the trail. It can contain up to 15 types of so-called objects. For each, we use data collected in forms, in which we monitor up to 300 of the most important parameters. The application will offer you a summary of measured and important values ​​and descriptions of reality. This is not a subjective assessment. The data is real, measured in the field.

For the sake of simplicity, we have summarized the evaluation of the points of interest using colored pictograms so that you can see at a glance how close the place is without barriers:

Zelené Well accessible
Oranžové Partially accessible
Červené Badly accessible or inaccessible

Data without barriers

And what's more, it's open, publicly available. We are happy to share verified information free of charge in Open Data format to anyone who is interested in it.

Would you like to join us? Get in touch! Do you want to support us? We will be happy to discuss it, write to us!

Do you own or operate a catering, accommodation or other facility that is wheelchair accessible and would like to add it to the Disway Trails app? Get in touch with us, thank you!

Those who travel, map and write down detailed trails

Milan Vlajka cz
Petra Vlajka de
Aleš Vlajka cz
Joos Vlajka de
Maruška Vlajka cz
Dáša Vlajka de
Eva Vlajka cz
Elfi Vlajka de
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